The pleated shades and Honeycomb shades specialist in Amsterdam can tell you all about it, and show you even more. In our beautiful showroom in Amsterdam, you will find the newest collection pleated shades and Honeycomb shades of all leading brands, such as Luxaflex, Hunter Douglas, Sunway, Verosol, Multisol, B & C, Velux, Flex Colors, Zonnelux, V T Wonen collection and many more. These pleated shades also named pleated curtains are nicely folded substances witch will create a gently and soft light into your room. Thereby is the sunlight and warmth in a pleasant way kept away. Pleated Shades are available in five different transparencies, very thin and very transparent until total darkening black out and everything there in between. Our large collection of pleated shades substances are available in over 300 hundred of uni colours and design items. For a perfect solar and heath reflection there are special substances witch are carried out with aluminium or Topar back. Your house or office remains as a result, deliciously cold and comfortable to live in. With the beautiful transparent pleated substances you will have a free look out, while passers can’t look in. The darkening substances ensure that your sleeping room pleasant obscurity is made to be able sleeping without being disturbed.

Twin pleated blinds

A very beautiful pleated shade implementation is the Twin pleated shade. These twin shades are carried out with two different kind of substances, who are connected to each other into the pleated shades system. For example you can choose for a darkening substance for the upper part of the blind and choose for a transparent substance for the lower part of this twin shade. You are now complete flexible with the light control, because you can let down as well the darkening as the transparent substance independently of each other, entirely or partly. A more sophisticated and flexible way to control light doesn’t exist.

Top Down – Bottom Up pleated shade system

This top down bottom up system is also a very clever implementation version of the pleated shades and blinds. Especially designed for you if you are living down floors or in an apartment were people are passing by. With this Top Down Bottom Up shade system you can let hang the substances of the blind on each altitude in front of your window, with thereby the base and top of your window releasing. Walking passers can’t look inside your house, while you can look outside. The perfect privacy blind. Pleated Shades with conductance.

Especially made for your turn and tilt windows like Velux, Fakro, Rooflite, Roto and Keylite and others windows, we provided the pleated blinds with aluminium conductance or a thin steel wire system. You can tilt open your window and the shades will keep on hanging against to your window. For those special windows like Velux we can offer you pleated shades systems made by Luxaflex Hunter Douglas, Sunway, Verosol and of course Velux itself. All perfect fitted and ready to be used for many years.

Conservatory pleated blinds

Do you have a horizontal window in your ceiling or do you need a conservatory pleated blind, with this we also can help you. For this we have the pleated shade provided with a thin tensioned steel wire system. The shade will smoothly glide over this wire, while it is moving in front of your horizontal window. You can control this system with a removable control handle. But also an electric control is possible, with or without remote control.

All these fine pleated shades and their clever design systems we can show you in our always up to date and large showroom. Waiting for you to admire and testing yourself.

To give you an impression of the extensive collection pleated shades and blinds we can offer you, please take a look in our picture gallery. The link to open the photo gallery is here, you also can click on the right side above the picture of this page. But of course you are most welcome in our showroom to admire the whole collection of pleated blinds personally. Do you wish to know how our clients think about All Protect Sunblinds Amsterdam, please click here to open our guestbook. Our list of references you will find here, please click.

All our pleated shades and blinds are custom and handmade especially for you, in every size and version you require. Protect Sun Amsterdam offers you the service to come at your home or office, to take the right measurements with the latest digital equipment for a perfect fit. When your pleated blinds are ready we will come again to your place to install your pleated shades in a professional way without making any dust.

Protect Sun blinds Amsterdam can always make you the best possible offer.

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You are most welcome to the Pleated Shades and Duet Shades specialist Protect Sun Amsterdam

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