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Multishade duo blinds are a welcome addition to our collection of blinds.
With a duo blind you can change the view from outside to inside.
During the day you can look outside and in the evening you can close the duo roller blind for your privacy.
All possible with one rollerblind, the duoroller from All Protectsun.

What is a duoroller blind

The standard blind has one layer of fabric which rolls up or down.
Our Multishade Duorolg curtain has two layers of fabric that glide along each other when rolling up and down.
The fabric of a Duorol curtain consists of dense and transparent stripes, in this way can be open or completely closed.


The fabric of the Multishade is nicely hidden in a slim cassette which is available in many colors, white, cream, brown, aluminum, black and more. If you prefer an open system, you get the Duorol curtain mounted on a mounting profile.


The operation with a chain with self-locking retracting mechanism is similar to a normal roller blind.
Do you want to operate electrically, that is possible, even with a rechargeable battery or battery motor with remote control.
Charging takes a short time and is easy.
It is similar to charging your cellphone.


In the showroom of All Protectsun Amsterdam you will find a number of well-known brands for duo blinds.
Each brand has an extensive collection in many colours and width of the fabric stripes.
Protectsun is the well-known specialist shop in Amsterdam West for all your Duoroller blinds curtains and Multishades.
With their advice it is easier to make a good choice for your Multishades quickly and inexpensively.

Our brands

Sunway, Erfal, nr.1 private label, Copa Home, Toppoint, Flex Colors, Verano, B and C, Multisol ABZ and our very affordable own brand Sunprotect.


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Famous brands of duorol curtains, multishades, window coverings and blinds in the Netherlands are
Sunway, Verosol, Luxaflex, Velux, Inside Blinds, B and C, Toppoint, Erfal, Verdeco, Multisol, Flex Colors, Wood and Washi, Zonnelux, ABZ, Copa Home, Dib blinds, Neher, Verano, Sunprotect, Unilux, Keje, Dickson Constant, Swela, Somfy, Schlappi, Betalux, Rainbow, Roma and Marquis Classic.


Read more about multishades on our special multishades website.

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