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A screen, also known as a sunscreen, is a flat hanging external sunshade. It is an unobtrusive vertical sun protection which is often used where failure of the sun protection is not possible. A screen consists of a semi-transparent glass fiber fabric that is rolled up in an aluminium cassette and slides vertically downwards or upwards through guides. The heat is well kept out and you have a view to the outside. A screen is less sensitive to wind. The fiberglass fabric is weatherproof and available in a wide range of colors and color combinations.

Protectsun offers you two types of screens. The standard screen where the screen cloth is not locked in the vertical guides. And the Zip screen also called Rits screen or windproof screen. In the case of a zip screen, the fabric is actually trapped in the zip/zipper system guides. As a result, the wind cannot get behind the screen fabric.

The operation of a screen is done manually with tape and tape winder or electrically with Somfy motor. Also possible with remote control and solar wind automat. If your outdoor sun protection is not possible, we offer you our effective Silverscreens which are mounted inside. Not only very nice to see, but Silver Screen is also a super heat shield and insulating against the cold from the outside. Your chosen screen is expertly measured by Hans Rietel the owner of Protectsun and more importantly ... ... Hans will look how the screen can be securely mounted on your wall.Protect Sun in Amsterdam is the professional in outdoor sun protection for more than 30 years. We really take care of our clients.


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